28 Lessons I Have Learnt Since Turning 28

  1. Have patience – the journey is long.
  2. You are your own best doctor.
  3. Do the best you can do at the time with the tools you currently have. Your best will change from day to day, hour by hour.
  4. Life is a game where YOU get to CHOOSE what move to make next – we are always more in control than we think we are.
  5. Ruminating on regrets is futile, but learning a lesson from them is not.
  6. Stay close to the things that feed your soul; be it writing, reading, exercise, being in nature. Do everything in your power to make those things mandatory within your daily/weekly routine.
  7. Don’t fucking settle. Ever. You don’t lose anything by aiming high (except low quality experiences), so aim high.
  8. Keep a distance from people who feel unsafe.
  9. Time alone is mandatory.
  10. Time in nature is mandatory.
  11. You don’t exist to work, sleep, eat repeat. In fact, no one really knows (for certain) why the fuck we exist, so forget the rules. Exist however the fuck you want.
  12. My theory of why we exist is that we are peaceful souls who wanted to experience something different so we inhabited human bodies on earth because we needed to experience chaos to remind us of how innately peaceful and loving we are and I think this idea is fucking beautiful: give love to chaos and be the reminder our innate peace & love.
  13. Being > Doing
  14. Be chaotic, be hectic, be annoying, be unhinged.
  15. Be love, be strength, be kind, be compassionate.
  16. Emotional vulnerability and accountability is the greatest strength there is.
  17. Only share you energy with people who match your energy.
  18. We are stronger and more capable than we think we are.
  19. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing it, discover life separate from others and do what you want even if it makes no sense to anyone but you.
  20. Romance and passion is as important as peace and serenity.
  21. Watch out for judgement and shame, not from others but from yourself.
  22. Keep people close who can be radically honest with you.
  23. If you can be radically honest with yourself, it will change your life.
  24. Take photos of things that make you feel something.
  25. Subjects such as nutrition, psychology and neuroscience are far more important than maths or history.
  26. Try to operate from a place of love and kindness in everything you do.
  27. Unless people are twats, then allow an appropriate amount of anger to rise but don’t let it consume you (“take no shit, do no harm”).
  28. Stop over intellectualising everything and try to have fun!

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