Arbonne Trial Package

I was so excited to test all of these products, as they are all vegan, made from natural ingredients, chemical & cruelty free. I loved every single one of the products I tried. Here is a mini review of all the products I tested:

Intense hydration mask (for normal/dry skin): 
I would rate this product 10/10 for smoothness. The mask felt all tingly and refreshing on my skin whilst in use and I had no dry patches or excess oil on my skin after treatment.

Makeup primer:
This was my favourite product out of them all! I only needed a small amount of product and it spread nice and evenly over my skin. It was super silky in texture and not sticky at all. It was also lightly fragranced with a subtly sweet smell (I find that some primers can be horribly smelly but this one wasn’t), I 100% recommend.

Hair serum: 
All of the products had a great smell but this one smelt the best, my hair smelt and felt so good. It had a light texture and left my hair smelling and feeling good. Also, frizz diminished dramatically, yay!

Setting powder: 
This was super lightweight and turned completely translucent once applied. It does exactly what it says and my makeup stayed in place, it did the job well. 

Lipstick (colour: Terra):  
This lipstick had a satin, creamy finish and smelled so fruity. I really liked the colour of this lipstick and although it was moisturising it wasn’t sticky or too clammy. 

Energy Fizz Sticks:
I had these before I went running and I was a bit unsure of how they’d taste but they were really yummy and fruity!

(L to R) Energy fizz sticks, Intense Hydration Mask, Makeup Primer, Hair Serum, Lipstick
(Above) Setting Powder

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