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  • The Most Important Lessons I Have Learnt From Every Self-Help Book I Have Ever Read

    I have survived a long time struggling with my mental health. I have fallen over the edge of the cliff of sanity (a fair few times) – or whatever the saying is. This means I have had to put in a lot of effort to regain my balance in life, to readjust the straps of […]

  • 3 books to read instead of WDOYP

    I wanted to talk about the conversation on Instagram after Chidera Eggurue posted on her stories about a lot of the content in her book What a Time to be Alone (2018) as well as the layout/design being wildly similar to Florence Given’s book Women Don’t Owe You Pretty (2020).  My sister bought me the book What a Time to be […]

  • Breakup Books

    I feel as though I should be an expert on this topic by now. I’ve thought about what actually constitutes a breakup book and when posed with the question, I have found that different people have given me different answers. Therefore, I’ve concluded that this blogpost is a petition to every bookshop to incorporate a […]

  • April Book Reviews

    Happy 1st of May! I read 6 books this month and somehow, I unintentionally seemed to read quite a few books with consecutive themes of mental health. My Goodreads account must feel sorry for me as I keep getting self-help book recommendations. To add me as a friend on Goodreads, click here. Enjoy the reviews! […]

  • Poetry saved my life

    Literature is so important to me; I wouldn’t be able to explain how many times I’ve felt thankful for my ability to read and to have the time to relax, soaking in line after line of poetic tales. I think having any sort of creative outlet is crucial for survival. I regularly see a counsellor […]

  • Jan – March Book Reviews: The Child in Time, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, More Than This and Room.

    I want to start regularly uploading reviews on the books I have read, as I tend to read quite often. Also, I want a to have a reminder of them and be able to share some great books with whoever is interested in my blog because BOOKS ARE SO IMPORTANT. I will aim to upload […]