Category: disability

  • Odd One Out

    I wrote this post after watching Jesy Nelson’s Odd One Out on BBC Three. Jesy talks of her experiences being bullied online and the effect of social media in our image-obsessed world. As someone who could relate to Jesy, I decided it would be beneficial to share my insight. I was born with my upper […]

  • I am alone.

    I’ve been back in Cambridge for just over a month now. There are many things I love about being back and from an outsiders perspective my life is pretty good. However, recently, I’ve been feeling lonely and spending a lot of time alone. And although feeling lonely and being alone aren’t synonymous, I am both. […]

  • Ableism Exists

    I often wonder why people are so patronising toward me. I mostly assumed it was down to me being care free and laid-back. I didn’t really take myself seriously, so why should others? This changed once I started studying for a degree in English Literature, I started to take myself and my life a little […]

  • Giving Something Back

    For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Emily Tisshaw and I was born with one hand. My left limb is missing just below the elbow although I don’t usually like to say it’s missing because that implies I’m not whole or that something is supposed to be there. It’s not. This […]