Category: literature

  • Back to Cambridge

    In the past week I have successfully: Secured a job Moved back to Cambridge Started CBT Passed the 20 day sobriety benchmark I have a job working in a health food store – it’s the vegan dream! And yes, that means I live in Cambridge once more. Honestly, I was terrified of moving back here. […]

  • Breakup Books

    I feel as though I should be an expert on this topic by now. I’ve thought about what actually constitutes a breakup book and when posed with the question, I have found that different people have given me different answers. Therefore, I’ve concluded that this blogpost is a petition to every bookshop to incorporate a […]

  • Poetry saved my life

    Literature is so important to me; I wouldn’t be able to explain how many times I’ve felt thankful for my ability to read and to have the time to relax, soaking in line after line of poetic tales. I think having any sort of creative outlet is crucial for survival. I regularly see a counsellor […]