Category: mental health

  • The 27 Club

    When I turned 27 I thought a lot about what it meant to be this age; the age that struggling musicians kept dying at, forming a group called The 27 Club. I’m not a struggling musician, nor am I famous in anyway that my death would be particularly memorable or significant to anyone except my […]

  • Fulfilment

    For the majority of my life I’ve been searching for fulfilment in other things – mostly in the form of other people and toxic substances. But more recently, since being sober and letting go of unhealthy relationships, I have been free of distractions and forced to face myself. I decided that I wanted to take more […]

  • Allowing Ourselves to be Vulnerable

    Vulnerability and the act of being vulnerable is usually defined as a state of being more susceptible to harm. But what I have recently discovered is that when we are vulnerable, we actually become more prone to safety. Vuln-er-ab-il-ity, even the word sounds fragile. Like a tiny piece of debris skipping down an 80 foot […]

  • How Hard it is to Love Yourself when you’re Tackling Mental Health

    I keep five different journals. FIVE. I have my weekly planner, my “worry diary”, my Daily Greatness Journal, an art journal and another plain written journal I don’t use as much. Why? Because I like to write, and to keep track of my progress and my wellbeing. I like to have a creative outlet. It’s […]

  • When You Only Have Yourself To Blame

    If there is one thing I have learnt throughout my life, it’s that I’m really good at giving advice but not so good at taking it. I sometimes think that it may be because I see myself as being an exception to the rules. It’s pride and it’s ego. I see this in myself sometimes. […]

  • Coming off meds

    I was on antidepressants for just over a year from February 2016 to April 2017.  I had my dose reduced in March so it’s not a surprise that the months following this have been fairly rocky. For the past year my mood has been relatively stable and in hindsight, I feel so relieved I decided […]

  • Fear

    Last night I googled ‘how to talk about your feelings’ which is hilarious because – its me! I’m always talking openly about my life. In fact, in previous blogposts I’ve talked about suffering with depression, feelings of anxiety, suicide attempts and relationship issues. I spent a long time last night skimming through article after article […]

  • I am alone.

    I’ve been back in Cambridge for just over a month now. There are many things I love about being back and from an outsiders perspective my life is pretty good. However, recently, I’ve been feeling lonely and spending a lot of time alone. And although feeling lonely and being alone aren’t synonymous, I am both. […]

  • Art Therapy

    I’ve recently been organising and re-decorating my room and I found quite a few of my old diaries. Diaries of a time where I appeared to be pretty dejected; I almost seemed like a different person. The inner thoughts I expressed in my past diaries made me appreciate how much I had grown. I was […]

  • Do your best

    I started living by this sentiment after reading The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. I had previously interpreted “do your best” as “be the best” and I think that’s something a lot of us do. However, being the best at something and doing your best are two phrases that should not be confused. In The […]