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  • The Cloth Pad Revolution

    Content warning – menstruation and blood.  Instagram: rupikaur Yep, you’ve guessed it – it’s that time of the month again. AND, the lack of conversation surrounding periods is still frustrating me. I mentioned how much I love to discuss my period to my dad (yep, my cisgender father who winced at the thought) and my […]

  • The Mooncup Review

    Content Warning: Intricate detail of periods and blood I remember the exact moment I discovered the bloodstain in my underwear. My family and I were in the dining room having dinner when I rushed to the toilet. I was surprisingly excited my period had begun, hurrying back to let everyone know. Of course, I didn’t […]

  • My first time

    On top of all the ways females are endlessly scrutinised, there is an unspeakable, biological impact that has left stains on covers, is soaked up and flushed down toilets. You’ve guessed it – periods! Why do we avoid talking about periods?! The only thing I knew about my period was that sometime, someday, blood would […]