Category: self-help

  • The Most Important Lessons I Have Learnt From Every Self-Help Book I Have Ever Read

    I have survived a long time struggling with my mental health. I have fallen over the edge of the cliff of sanity (a fair few times) – or whatever the saying is. This means I have had to put in a lot of effort to regain my balance in life, to readjust the straps of […]

  • I want to make art so beautiful it brings people to tears

    I want to make art so beautiful it brings people to tears. I want to have conversations with people that aren’t about the weather or other people, I want to talk about the expanding universe and the formidable depth of the ocean. I want to go out and explore new places, have new adventures with […]

  • Life

    When I think about life I think of the complexities and intricacies of the mad world us humans inhabit. But what I mostly think when I ponder our existence on this lonely planet, is love. How love has shaped me, fuelled me; how it encompasses me. All the things I love and things that bring […]

  • When You Only Have Yourself To Blame

    If there is one thing I have learnt throughout my life, it’s that I’m really good at giving advice but not so good at taking it. I sometimes think that it may be because I see myself as being an exception to the rules. It’s pride and it’s ego. I see this in myself sometimes. […]

  • Nobody likes you when you’re 23

    I turned 23 on March 19th 2017. I guess that means it’s about time for me to ponder where my life is going and how I’ve come to be where I am today. I enjoy a good ol’ reflective post (mainly for the little bit of bragging I get to do about how I’m pretty […]

  • Do your best

    I started living by this sentiment after reading The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. I had previously interpreted “do your best” as “be the best” and I think that’s something a lot of us do. However, being the best at something and doing your best are two phrases that should not be confused. In The […]