Happy International Peace Day

It’s International Peace Day and I’ve been thinking a lot about what peace means to me. If you’ve read my blog before you may have noticed I sign off my posts with “- peace and love” because, believe it or not, underneath all the rage I throw at the world, I do in fact have a desperate desire for peace. I wholeheartedly believe in striving for peace.
In the past, I had always thought of peace as this huge unattainable concept that was way beyond anything I could ever accomplish. But I don’t think of it like that anymore. I think of peace as a tangible object. I see it in things I can hold, things I can taste, things I can smell. Peace is all around me. Once I started to see peace in everyday things, I started to feel it too. Beyond peace, and a huge part of gaining peace, is realisation. Although I had felt connected to and at peace, I sometimes felt so far away from it. This used to bother me until I became aware that there is no constant state of mind; thoughts and feelings are continuously fluctuating. This really helped me to drop egotistical goals and to stop being caught up on ‘finding happiness’ or ‘seeking inner peace’. Human’s aren’t computers and I’m pretty sure we do not have an emotions switch either.
So, I guess what peace means to me is to have gratitude, faith and awareness.
There is peace in doing and letting things simply be.

– peace and love, Emily xo

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