When I think about life I think of the complexities and intricacies of the mad world us humans inhabit. But what I mostly think when I ponder our existence on this lonely planet, is love. How love has shaped me, fuelled me; how it encompasses me. All the things I love and things that bring me joy. All the people I’ve loved and those who have loved me.

My thoughts weren’t always this way, I was once horribly depressed and thoughts about life only made me wish I didn’t have one. This doesn’t sadden me any more, that I was once sad. I’ve lived a lot of different lives and experienced a lot of different emotions. That thought once frightened me, but now I see all the possibilities of the people I am yet to become.

In this moment, I look forward to life – to living. Now that I have love (I mean, I have always had love but now that I have learnt how to tap into love more frequently), I have life. I don’t think life could exist without love. And when I say love I don’t necessarily mean romantic love (although that love is great), I mean the things that drive us to go on. Even the mundane things that we may not always be aware of but make our lives that bit sweeter. Warm duvets, hot showers, the patch of sunlight through our window, fruit tea (if thats your thing), smiling, music, dogs, the ocean.

There are so many things in life that almost make your vision sharpen once you start to notice them, especially when you have existed with sad eyes blurring your vision for so long.

So to those who have forgotten, and to my future self reading this: start looking for love because it is out there and you will find it.

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