I’ve pretty much been bed bound for the past few days, suffering with horrific menstrual cramps which doctors suspect to be endometriosis. This amongst other stresses are putting me in a place that I don’t want to and refuse to be in. So I’ve taken to writing a blog post to see if I can find some motivation…

It’s so much easier to say I want to be productive than actually engage in anything that requires me to do so. Even as I type this I’m laying down on my bed in my underwear, not a typical environment for a so-called motivation post. I guess this post is a start though. In fact, I could consider this post the first step to motivation, and for anyone reading this also feeling uninspired I grant this post you’re first step to motivation town, too.

Next step: create a motivation playlist. I feel like I’m in need of some proper bangers, those songs that make you actually want to do stuff… I’m thinking Destiny’s Child – Survivor, Banks – Fuck With Myself, Aretha Franklin – Respect, and more along those lines. I enjoy a good stereotypical feminine kick ass song. Although, everyone has their own specific taste in music so go ahead and find your own jams, especially if you’re a hefty bloke with no desire to belt Beyoncé.

Thirdly, I guess I should actually decide what it is I want to do. For this, I’m going to put together a to-do list. To-do lists are fun, in fact, I really love writing lists. When I was younger I used to have a book of lists. The first list in the aforementioned book was a “marry list”. It had my maths teacher, taylor swift and a few people in my school year on it. And, if you think that’s kind of cringeworthy or weird, then you’re not going to like that one of the people on the list was my friends mum. I’m not even sorry, she was fit.

Finally, I should almost definitely do this last thing. I feel like it’s a major component of my plan and one of the biggest steps, maybe even the penultimate step, to motivation town: get up off my bed…

I will probably do that now. Cheerio.

– peace and love, Emily xo

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