Poetry saved my life

Literature is so important to me; I wouldn’t be able to explain how many times I’ve felt thankful for my ability to read and to have the time to relax, soaking in line after line of poetic tales. I think having any sort of creative outlet is crucial for survival. I regularly see a counsellor and she often mutters paraphrasing’s of quotes from certain psychologists, philosophers and other academics. Having somewhere I can offload free from judgement and in confidentiality is another thing I consider to be crucial for my endurance. I often feel blessed to have the level of support I have, not only from health professionals, from friends and family too.
In my session with Louise, my counsellor, yesterday she said, “I’ve asked a lot of questions today. Do you have any questions for me?” It was unexpected and although each week I’m greeted by tons of questions from her, she had never asked me this. I thought back to our previous sessions and mentioned to her that I had rekindled my love for literature and started regularly posting on a blog so I wondered if she had any recommendations of poets, novelists or books I could read. She seemed intrigued and became inquisitive about my writing so we chatted about this for a while. She then wrote down a list of a few pieces of literature that she thought I should investigate.
There were two poems written in the list: The Invitation and Wild Geese. I felt such a sincere consolation reading these poems, it’s almost as if I acquired a sudden sense of relief, a sense of fulfilment and a deep desire to merge my mind with the words I was reading. I wanted to read them weekly. Learn them. Breathe them. Therefore, of course, it is obligatory I share them too.
The Invitation is by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and can be found on her website, here. She studied Philosophy and has been counselling people for over 35 years. She uses techniques such as; spiritual practises, meditation, yoga and writing. Mary Oliver wrote Wild Geese, a reading of it can be found here and the script here. Mary is an American best-selling poet; her main influence is one of my favourite poets Edna Vincent Millay.

If anyone has any recommendations of other enlightened poets and captivating poetry, please share them with me. 

The best givers are those who give books.
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